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geoBLOCKSs is standard size building units built for strength, durability, and to be moveable unit.

The building’s sturdy construction lends itself well to a variety of design applications, from single to 3-story structures.

Being built to standard panel sizes of 1.2m x 2.4m, these units can be shipped with ease by container to any location.

  • Highly suitable for residential and permanent house

  • Deluxe quality interior and exterior finishes

  • Flexible design application that works for single- and double-story configurations

  • Specifications conform to ASTM standards

  • Sustainable, quality and cost effective turnkey solutions

  • Economy of scale through repetitive manufacture

  • Robust structural units that are connected onsite

  • Efficient inspections and approvals in the factory, minimising onsite punch-list defects

  • High level of quality control and an ability to maintain accurate and optimal tolerances

  • Adaptable for future extensions, and able to be dismantled easily and moved if required

  • Improved workplace safety and working conditions

  • Increased labor skill levels and training opportunities

  • Faster construction time (up to 90% quicker than traditional methods)

  • Access to locations where site construction is prohibitive

  • Excellent acoustic insulation

  • Limited disruption around the construction site

  • Increased security of goods and materials

  • Lower costs to fund due to reduced construction costs and earlier opening dates – facilitating quicker returns on investment

  • Pre-fabricated modular floor, or can be designed for installation on to a concrete foundation

  • Buildings can be Interconnected for design flexibility

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